Manufacturing / Supply Chain

manufacturing/supply chain

ECI Systems is here to help you address your potential theft, material sabotage, and workplace violence issues.

The demands of your customers, increased competition and changing government regulations place more scrutiny on your business’s security system. To help you meet these modern challenges for manufacturing, you need a solution that can help monitor your inventory and business operations, protect your employees and contractors, and secure your business from the outside in.


We will work with you to provide safer and smarter security solutions for your enterprise:

  • The latest in video and motion detection for your perimeter
  • Enhanced access control to protect your critical assets
  • Total control over who has access to your inventory, operating areas, and front office
  • Adhere to industry compliance and regulatory mandates
  • Life safety/fire detection systems to protect your operation and staff
  • Off site/remote monitoring of your critical business operations
  • Web-enabled applications that allow for the monitoring and control of your security systems remotely
To ensure that your organization is fully prepared with the latest technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers:

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About ECI Systems

ECI Systems is a full-service IT & Security solutions provider focused on enterprise-class electronic security systems and IT Services.

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