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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

IP video and specifically its use in video surveillance involves the monitoring of behavior(s), activities, or other dynamic video-based information and then using this information to deter, protect, manage, enforce and analyze.

In today’s heavily digitalized climate, video management systems (VMS) have evolved into a critical business tool – allowing clients to conduct audit trails and produce reports on day-to-day production-related activities and of course provide the forensics related to video security.

video surveillanceToday’s IP Video solutions allow individuals to observe live or recorded video either on-site or remotely – both from a server or PC or a “smart” device like a phone or tablet.

Benefits of IP Video include:
  • Risk Management
  • Visual Proof, Fraud and Theft Deterrent

As a full service Security & IT Solutions Provider, ECI Systems is committed to providing innovative security solutions. We provide and manitain customized video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, corporations, local and state govenrments, as well as federal government clients. We work closely with each client to meet their specific needs and maintain an outstanding record of contract performance.


At ECI Systems, we take pride in the services we deliver to our clients. Our dedicated staff of professionals are committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to meet our clients everyday objectives. Maintaining the safety and security of our clients staff, assets, patrons, and the general public is always at the very top of our priority list. The solutions and services we provide must be innovative and delivered with integrity.

To ensure that your facility is fully protected with the latest in IP Video technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers:

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ECI Systems is a full-service IT & Security solutions provider focused on enterprise-class electronic security systems and IT Services.

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